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May 24, 2017
Listserv Instructions

The SLS Listserv is a means of communication between member libraries and the School Library System. Common uses of this tool are for interlibrary loan requests and sharing of information. Please see below for instructions on how to use the list.


To send a message to all SLS Listserv subscribers, send your message to Mail sent to the BOCES computer distributes the message to everyone who is subscribed to the SLS Listserv address. Include a descriptive subject line in your messages, and keep messages to only one subject, if possible.


You have two options for responding to SLS Listserv messages:

1. If you want your reply to go to the entire group of subscribers, just hit “Reply.
Your response will then be distributed to everyone on the listserv.

2. If you want to reply ONLY to the individual, copy and past their e-mail address into
a new message and send your reply that way. Only the one individual will receive your reply.


All members of the Capital Region BOCES School Library System are registered to the listserv. If your e-mail address changes or if you leave your position in your school, please notify us and appropriate changes will be made. No commercial vendors are subscribed to this listserv. It is a closed, private list for school librarians in Capital Region BOCES only. To contact us for changes to your subscription, or if you would like to subscribe to the LMS listserv, please contact Tia Felock at For our automation members, if you are interested in joining the LA listserv, contact


SLS Listserv is an un-moderated list. The computer will post your messages automatically. Messages you post should relate to local, state or national library or education news, interlibrary loan, and/or professional requests for information or advice. Courtesy among subscribers is assumed. Content is not limited to this but should always pertain to the majority of the subscribers. Personal messages should be sent to individual addresses, which are located in the SLS Directory.

Contributions to the SLS Listserv list represent individual opinions only and cannot
be interpreted as official advice by the sponsoring organization, Capital Region BOCES School Library System. The sponsoring organization does not claim any responsibility
for the content of messages displayed on the list, nor can it guarantee the accuracy of messages appearing on the SLS listserv.


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