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Career & Technical School News

From restaurant owners to welders to top New York City lobbyists, Capital Region BOCES students excel 



Below is are links to a series of CTE success stories. Check back often as the success stories will continue to be updated and added to.



Grad goes from student to restaurant owner in two years

"Big Nic" was the big man on campus - at least culinary wise - Wednesday at the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) Albany campus. Read More

BOCES graduates: Career and Technical School gave us the keys to success  

From business owners to machinists to heavy equipment operator trainers and chefs, the message is all the same - Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School gave them the keys to success. Read more

Dohring presented with Helping Hand welding scholarship  

Adult welding student Frederick Dohring is the latest recipient of the Evan M. Schwarz Helping Hand Memorial Scholarship. Read more

CTE New Visions graduate is a rising political star in NYC  

A 2004 graduate of the New Visions Law and Government program is a rising star in the New York City political scene.
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Now an instructor, cosmetology grad returns to share expertise   

In 2006, she was one of them. A high school student learning to be a cosmetologist with all of the hopes and dreams of any high school student.
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Culinary graduate visits, praises Career and Technical school  

A 2008 graduate of Schenectady High School and Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) school returned to the CTE Albany campus recently to meet with his former teachers. Read more 

1993 graduate: Seize the opportunity CTE gives you

A 1993 graduate of Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School returned to the campus recently to encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities they are given.
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CTE graduate returns as business owner

A 2011 Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) graduate returned to the CTE campuses recently as a business owner. Read more  

CTE grad, now a soldier, returns stateside and surprises sister

There were parents and a teary student in the principals office of the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) Albany campus on Wednesday, but the student was not in trouble. Read more  

CTE gives students a financial, workplace edge

Less than a year ago Gage Kibbey was just another high school senior with his whole future ahead of him. Today, he is a welder earning in excess of $50 an hour thanks to his experiences and training at the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School. Read more 

Another CTE success story: An education, job and now free college

Manufacturing isnt what it used to be.
For decades considered boring, dirty and repetitive, modern manufacturing jobs are engaging, clean and filled with technology. To fill these jobs, employers are looking for graduates with a knowledge of computers, programming, math, science and engineering - skills that heretofore were not associated with the typical manufacturing place.  Read more    

Navy sailor returns to CTE, credits CTE with giving him drive to succeed

While home on leave from the U.S. Navy, one of things 2012 Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School graduate Brandon Day wanted to do was see some familiar faces back at CTE.
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New Visions students meet city councilman, grad of New Visions program

Students in the Capital Region BOCES New Visions Law & Government class recently met with an Albany City lawmaker who shares a common connection with them - eight years ago he was also a student in the program.
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