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Latest News from the Career and Technical Center

CTE not only prepares grads for jobs, it also find them jobs


Middleburgh grad went to work immediately after graduation as a result of his CTE experienceBartlett thanks Jim Haas during a visit to CTE


At Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE), we don’t just prepare students for college and career — we often times find them jobs.

Take for example 2017 CTE automotive trades graduate Lane Bartlett from Middleburgh. During his senior year at CTE, work-based learning coordinator James Haas found Bartlett an opportunity for work-based learning at Cobleskill Dodge. 

Bartlett, one of hundreds of CTE students to partake in 30,000 work-based learning hours in more than 40 locations last year in the Capital Region and beyond, turned the on-the-job education into a full-time job upon graduation.

“I don’t think I would have been able to get the job had I not gone to BOCES. As soon as my work-based learning ended, they offered me a full-time job,” Bartlett said.

“I was very well prepared by CTE for the job. It has been a good experience,” he added.

Bartlett and dozens of other CTE students find full-time employment through BOCES.

“We work very hard to prepare our students for the real world by offering them work-based learning that gives them experiences students cannot gain in a classroom,” said Nancy Liddle, CTE business liaison. “We are always pleased to hear of student’s parlaying those experiences into full-time work upon graduation.” Bartlett as a student fixing a car

In the top photo, Bartlett thanks Jim Haas during a visit to CTE. To the right, he repairs a car while a student at CTE.




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