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Twenty-year-old preparing for her future in the BOCES HSE program


Jewellie Gribbin is quiet, but on a missionJewellieGribbin


Jewellie Gribbin is not one to interrupt a class or bring attention to herself. But that doesn't mean she isn't on a clear and concise mission — a mission she expects Capital Region BOCES to help her achieve.

The 20-year-old Sharon Springs resident was homeschooled and thus did not receive a high school diploma. Now that she is ready to launch her future, that diploma is a much-needed commodity.

Enter Capital Region BOCES and its High School Equivalency program. Taking the course at the Schoharie Campus since the fall, Gribbin is on pace to achieve her goal of a diploma by the end of summer, teacher Ursula LeGere said.

"Jewellie is a hard-working and intelligent student. Her strengths are math and science," LeGere said.

Gribbin said she is attending the HSE program "so I can do something with my life."

Her first stop on that mission after adult education will be the military.

"I will plan to join the military to explore,” she said. “I need this diploma to join.”

While she doesn't have a specific career in mind at this time, Gribbin said her time in the adult education program and her future military experience will likely give her the ideas and experiences she needs to make that choice.

Gribbin is one of eight students enrolled in the HSE program at the Schoharie campus — the maximum number for that campus, said CTE Schoharie Campus Principal Mindy Iannotti. That is a small percentage of the 720 adults taking HSE courses at a variety of locations overseen by Capital
Region BOCES, Adult Education Principal Nancy Jones said.

The program serves adults 17 years or older and prepares them for The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). Two years ago, the TASC replaced the GED as the only free, state-subsidized assessment leading to a New York state High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma.

The course is offered free of charge.

For Gribbin, the program serves a specific purpose.

 "I want to get a good job and get a good life," she said.


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