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News from the Career and Technical Center

With customers on-hand, cosmetology students extend learning into the summer


Capital Region BOCE cosmetology students required to spend a month of their summer in the classroom

Edith Jacqueway gets her hair washed by Jasmine Russell of Schalmont

"I have been coming here longer than you have been alive."

Those were the words uttered on a recent Friday by Edith Jaqueway of Schoharie as she was getting her hair washed at Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE), one of a myriad of customers who filled the classroom on the Schoharie campus.

Jaqueway had a point; she has been turning to the cosmetology program at the Schoharie CTE center since 1976, about 25 years before her current stylist Jasmine Russell of Schalmont was born.

Jaqueway, Schoharie Central School District science teacher Alex Mackie and several other area residents visited the school on July 9 for the weekly clinicals. Hosted at the Schoharie and Albany campuses, the clinicals allow the students to practice on real people who pay a nominal fee to receive any of the multitude of services — from facials to manicures to cuts and styles.

"A number of my students at Schoharie High School have come here ... so I thought I would come over and let them learn on me," said Mackie, as he was having his hair trimmed by Amber Costa of Schoharie. "I have been pleased with the work they do, so I come back."

Jaqueway also praised the students.Customer Alex Mackie checks out the work of cosmetology student Amber Costa of Schoharie

"I have been very pleased with the work of the girls," she said.

Jaqueway started visiting the CTE campus for her styles when her son was a student in the automotive program.

"He told me that the cosmetology students need heads to work on just like the auto students needed cars," Jaqueway mused.

Forty-one years, two sons and a grandson who graduated from CTE later and she is still a customer.

"Well, the girls still need heads to work on so I am still coming here," she said.

As to the summer classes, approximately 50 high school students from schools across the region are participating on the two campuses.

Teacher Nancy Schmidt said that in order for students to earn the 1,000 hours of classroom time required by the state to become licensed cosmetologists, they must spend 120 hours during the summer between their junior and senior years in classes.A customer has her nails painted

This year's program started June 21 and ran through July 19, giving students a little more than a month of recess before the 2017-18 school year begins. Students arrived at both CTE campuses by 8 a.m. daily and stayed until at least 2 p.m. Students not only log classroom time during the summer session, but also hear from guest lecturers, graduates and experts, as well as tour area salons, businesses and colleges.

"I enjoy it. In the cosmetology program you learn so much more than just makeup, hairstyles and nails; you learn a lot of life lessons as well,” Russell said.

"Cosmetology is my life," added Toni Wait, who attends the program from the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District.

Graduates of the program often rank the summer session as the most enjoyable memory of school.

"My favorite time at CTE would have to be the summer hours program. These mandatory days during the summer were both fun and educational," said Class of 2015 BKW graduate Samantha Flavell. "It was this time when the non-serious students were weeded out and we got to look
at who our senior class would be. Even though I had to be in school for 20 days during the summer,Chantel Urbanowicz lectures at Albany CTE
 it was then that our class truly bonded as friends."

In the top photo, Edith Jaqueway gets her hair washed by Jasmine Russell of Schalmont.

In the second photo, customer Alex Mackie checks out the work of cosmetology student Amber Costa of Schoharie

To the right,  Hanna Robbins of Schalmont paints the nails of Brandy White.

To the right, 2015 graduate Chantel Urbanowicz, who is now a professional makeup artist, speaks to CTE students at the Albany campus.






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