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News from the Career and Technical Center

A decade after graduation, welding student returns as teacher  


Don Mattoon looks forward to sharing what he has learned in the industry


Don MattoonExactly a decade after graduating from the Capital Region BOCES welding program, Don Mattoon is returning to the hallowed halls of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) school.

The Rotterdam resident will take on the duties of teaching aspiring welders from across the Capital Region the art and skill of welding, as well as what it takes to be a professional welder.

“There are a lot of young guys coming into the industry who don’t know how to act or present themselves. They don’t know that they have to play the part and learn and act professional. I want to help the kids so that they don’t make that mistake,” said Mattoon as he prepared his classroom on the Albany campus.

Mattoon quickly made his way up the ladder of the welding industry. After a brief hiatus upon graduation, Mattoon furthered his welding knowledge at Modern Welding School and entered the industry at Phillips Medical Systems, where he welded such medical equipment such MRI machines. From there, he took a job at Met Weld International in Altamont welding oil rigs and tanks and other related products.

His most recent assignment and where he continues to work today is Northeast Precision Welding, where he not only services and welds turbines and related equipment, but also
trains employees.  Mattoon cleans his classroom

“I’m still a young guy and I think I have a lot to offer when it comes to teaching the next generation of welders,” said Mattoon. “I look forward to working with the kids and sharing what I have learned.”

The top photo shows new welding teacher Don Mattoon. In the second photo, he cleans his classroom.







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