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News from the Career and Technical Center

Capital Region BOCES graduates 73 adults from HSE, English programs 


Adult learners from across the globe complete high school equivalency, English programs


John Yagielski congratulates a graduateWith dignitaries as diverse as Assemblyman John McDonald, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Capital Region BOCES Chief Executive Officer John Yagielski looking on, 73 adults from across the globe graduated BOCES' adult education programs last month.

The adult learners earned certificates from the High School Equivalency (HSE) and English-as-a New Language (ENL) programs offered by Capital Region and the Capital South Campus Center during a July 13 ceremony at the center.

The graduates hailed from countries as diverse as Venezuela, Afghanistan and China and completed rigorous programs that prepared them for life in the global workforce.

HSE graduate Demetrious Fantroy praised the program.

"BOCES has been really good to me and given me the education I need," said the Coeymans resident.

As the number of high school drop-outs continues to increase, the need for adult education programs like ours continue to grow. On an annual basis, Capital Region BOCES’ adult education department serves approximately 1,000 adult learners who wish to earn the HSE diploma, complete the ENL program, or enter post-secondary trade programs like HVAC, Welding, or Floral Design.

Of those 1,000 students, approximately 80 graduate annually from the ENL and HSE programs. The others remain in those programs or graduate from the HVAC, welding or floral programs.

A graduate posesMore than 100 adult LPN students also graduate from BOCES annually, as well as dozens of adult health care assistants.

"Demand is high for programs that allow students to re-direct their lives or to get an edge in a challenging workforce," said Dr. Valerie Kelsey, deputy director of career and technical education at Capital Region BOCES. "We are pleased to be able to offer these courses and provide adults across the region a new beginning."

HSE graduates

  • Allen, Annice
  • Baron, Amber
  • Beckwith, Dayvon
  • Berner, Andrea
  • Bigelow, Latoya
  • Brown, Brittany
  • Bulson Jr., John
  • Collado, Yarimar
  • Conner, Tyler
  • Cook, James
  • Cordero, Tatiana
  • Decoteau, Jourdan
  • Fallen, Telisa
  • Fantroy, Demetrios
  • Gibson, Tania
  • Holman, Abyesha
  • Jamil, Nimra
  • Jarrett, Caitlin
  • Jones, Austin
  • Joseph, Louise
  • Joseph, Sophia
  • Khouri, Smirna
  • Kuhn, Jill
  • Lagace, Michael
  • Little, James
  • Lozano, Kierra
  • Lynn, Messiah
  • Madore,Isaiah
  • Mannning, Christopher
  • McCaughin,Conner
  • McKinney, Tatianna
  • Mitchell, Lolice
  • Noboa, Carlos
  • Perrotti, Cole
  • Perry, April
  • Poirier, Nicole
  • Quinones, Angel
  • Rai, Shiva
  • Reid, Dawn
  • Robles, Austin
  • Safi, Ijaz
  • Tucker, Kendra

ENL graduates

  • Abdullah, Rasha
  • Alfani, Shahad
  • Al-Taie, Tamooz
  • Bezerra, Helena
  • Cassiani, Andrea
  • Chen, Pei Yu
  • Dagci, Kenan
  • Dao, Oanh
  • Dar, Twar
  • Dieupa Kouamen, Celest
  • Gjoni, Marina
  • Guo, Weian
  • Karimi, Shirin
  • Lee, Inwha
  • Liu, Jia Jia
  • Ma, Pu
  • Marroquin, Edgar Renee
  • Mogbaya, Adolphe
  • Morocho, Angeles
  • Mukarugwiza, Pelina
  • Murzith, Sharmila
  • Noi, Mung
  • Prokopenko, Natalya
  • Sai, Kyaw
  • Sharikov, Roman
  • Sofi, Irini
  • Soto, Luis
  • Tankhilevitch, Alla
  • Vargina,Tatiana
  • Yoon, Namyi
  • Zhao, Fang

In the top photo, BOCES CES John Yagielski congratulates a graduate.

In the second photo, another graduate poses.



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