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For fashion, this lesson is truly in the (tote) bag!

Design skills put to use in environmentally friendly project

Sophie Mailen holds some of the bags she and classmates createdIf you see a tote on the streets of Albany or a neighboring community, it may be have been created by a Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School Global Fashion Studies student.

Students in the class recently created 50 totes that are being sold by Up Stitch, a self-described non-profit creative use organization that turns about-to-be-discarded materials into products. The project, fashion teacher Tiffanie McNett said, allowed the students to be creative and tested their sewing skills while also helping the environment.

The totes are being sold at a pop-up story run by Up Stitch at the Albany Art Room on New Scotland Avenue.

“It was fun and a positive experience,” said Sophie Mailen, a fashion student from Scotia-Glenville.

Perhaps more importantly for the students, the project also allowed them to gain valuable work based learning hours and experience.

Students in the program get approximately 30 hours each school year of work-based learning experience, where they out to the test the skills they learn in the classroom. Besides creating bags, the students this year have also created window displays for stores at the area malls and created gowns and dresses.

In the above photo, student Sophie Mailen holds some of the bags she and classmates created.



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