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Adult nursing student sees BOCES as a 'stepping stone'


Alex Ramos is working on becoming an LPN while aspiring to a career as an RNRamos


One step at a time. That's the plan for Capital Region BOCES Adult Practical Nursing student Alex Ramos is taking it in her dream of helping others.

As a senior at Niskayuna High School last year, she took the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide/Patient Care Services program, graduating from Niskayuna and CTE in June. She immediately enrolled in the full-time Adult Practical Nursing Program and is on pace to graduate in June with the ability to test to become a

licensed practical nurse.

"I want to use adult practical nursing as a stepping stone. I started from the beginning last year and I plan to become an RN next," said Ramos as she took a break from her studies.

"I plan to spend some time working in the field before I go back to school, but I am going to do it," she added.

The Schenectady resident was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by a high school science lab.

"I dissected a frog and it was like 'oh, my God,' I know what I want to do," she said.

That love of anatomy and science will take her far in the world of medicine and she isn't even ruling out a career in medicine as a physician, though she is quick to say, "I haven't thought that far ahead, yet."Ramos working

Asked what she likes about nursing, Ramos said it's the people.

"I like everything. It's different than the outside world because there are so many people who care about each other and who want to help others out," Ramos said.

She also credits her time at CTE with giving her an advantage when she started the adult practical nursing program.

"It helped me a lot in terms of the vocabulary, terminology and knowing what to expect and all of the skills," Ramos said.




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