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Career & Technical School News

Mock exercises to land real life jobs

CTE faculty prepare students for careers 


Raju is interviewedAsk any employer and the answer will likely be the same, most potential employees lack basic interview and resume skills.

That's why Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School faculty and staff are working with students to ensure they have a first-rate resume and the personality skills to ace an interview.

Capital Region BOCES Business Liaison Nancy Liddle, as well as Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) staff and outside business experts who volunteer, are spending the final months of the school year reviewing student resumes and conducting mock interviews to prepare students for the interviews that matter.

"In  general, the students need assistance expressing what their skills are. They have the skills, they just don't know how to express that in the interview and too often they don't know how to put that on paper," said Liddle.

On a recent Wednesday, Liddle and her team met one-on-one with dozens of students at the Schoharie CTE campus. The next day, they interviewed heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) students at the Albany Campus.

"A few of the HVAC students are going to Hudson Valley Community College, a few others are going to other colleges for engineering and  about half of them want to go right into the workforce and they feel they are ready," Liddle said. "In looking over their resumes and conducting the interviews, they are ready, they just need help expressing to others how ready they are."

During the mock interviews CDOS Counselor Michelle Clifford said students are asked standard interview questions "why do you want this job?", "why should I hire you?" "what do you enjoy doing?" etc. and "what are your future plans?"

They are then provided with feedback on how the interview went and where they could have performed better, as well as ways to improve the resumes.

"Most times, the resumes need some general polishing, better words, more detail, stuff like that," Clifford said.

Dominic Costantini, an HVAC/R student from Cohoes, said the resume review session he had with Liddle was very rewarding.

"She showed me where to list my education, how to basically layout the resume to be successful," he said.

In the photo, CTE student Joel Raju of Schenectady is interviewed by CDOS Counselor Michelle Clifford.



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