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Senior overcomes obstacles to pursue criminal justice at RIT


Diana Blick from Scotia-Glenville isn't letting deafness slow her pursuit of a criminal justice career

Diana Blicj

Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) senior Diana Blick has an arresting personality. Talk with her for just a few minutes and you're stopped in your tracks, ready to learn more about her and her future.

The Scotia-Glenville student is completing the criminal justice program this week at the Albany CTE campus and will further her studies at RIT in the fall, where she will pursue a criminal justice degree.

"She is one of my best students," CTE teacher Will Cook said recently. "Always ready to learn and do more."

She is also deaf.

But Blick hasn't let her lack of hearing stop her or even slow her down.

"It's not hard at all. It's been very easy" she said.

Deaf since birth, Blick has also known from an early age that she was interested in criminal justice.

Blick with her interpretter"I've always like law enforcement, every since I was a young kid," she said.
"It's just been something that has intrigued me."

Speaking through her sign language interpreter Vanessa Jones, the engaging student said she isn't sure what area of criminal justice she will pursue in college.

"I don't know what I want to specifically do just yet .... I am possibly going to
be a police officer or maybe a lawyer," Blick said. "But it will involve criminal justice."

Blick said she enjoys the physical activities at CTE most of all and credits those lessons with preparing her well for RIT.

"I like the hands-on work, the handcuffing, arresting, search scenarios," Blick said. "It has prepared me well and given me a strong basic knowledge before I even get to college."'

The photos show Blick and Blick with her interpreter Vanessa Jones.


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