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Welding torch in the morning, pom-poms in the evening 


Samantha Petrosino is breaking stereotypes and enjoying every minute of it

Samantha weldingShe once had her sights set on graduating early. Now, a senior in the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) welding program has her sights set on shattering stereotypes.

Samantha Petrosino is a first-year student from the Middleburgh Central School District in the
welding program at the Mohonasenasen Center for Advanced Technology (CAT).

Despite growing up in an education family her mother, Lori, is the junior high/high school principal at Middleburgh — Petrosino had a goal of getting out of school as fast as possible.

"I wanted to graduate early. I didn't like the whole atmosphere, but then I came here," she said during a break from welding in the CTE lab.

"I am a hands-on person and I get to come here half a day and work and enjoy school and then I get to go back to Middleburgh and learn what I need to," said Petrosino.

Petrosino refuses to be stereotyped.

Besides being one of only a handful of female students in the entire CTE welding program, she is also a cheerleader.

Sam head shot"It really confuses people. They say, 'you are a welder?' and I tell them 'yeah, it's fun.' They don't know what to say. It challenges what people think," she said. "I love it. Women power all the way."

Petrosino plans to continue to shatter stereotypes and glass ceilings in an industry that is 94 percent male and largely consists of men near retirement age, according to the United States Department of Labor Women's Bureau.

Upon graduation this summer, she plans to go to the National University Polytechnic Institute in San Diego, California to pursue a degree and certification in commercial diving/underwater welding.

CTE welding teacher Chris Panny said Petrosino has a bright future.

"She is one of my best students. She is eager to learn and always prepared," he said.

Petrosino had no knowledge of welding before starting the program this school year.

"I didn't know what to expect. I knew nothing about it. Now, I can't want to come here and learn," she said.

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