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News from the Career and Technical Center

Criminal justice students get physical thanks to National Guard, sheriff and troopers


BOCES students get a taste of life in law enforcement


Students do pushupsYou might excuse criminal justice students at the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School Schoharie campus if they thought for a split moment Thursday that they were in boot camp.

After all, the had drill sergeants in their face and a line of men and women in uniform watching their every step.

The lesson, though, wasn't military indoctrination, but rather a physical fitness test to give the students who aspire to careers in law enforcement an idea of what it takes to make it in the profession.

New York Army National Guard Sergeants Seth Wielend, Scott Leslie and Staff Sergeant Ami Vernon were joined by New York State Troopers Steve Rothwein Sr. and Trooper Lisa Maclauchlin and Schoharie County Sheriff Lt. Charles Newman to help teacher Jerry Place run the physical fitness tests that included running, push-ups and sit-ups, among other exercises.

"Every position in law enforcement requires a level of fitness and every position has a training or boot camp of sorts. Today is meant to give the students a taste of what is required to pursue a career in this profession,� said Place.

Sgt. Ami Vernon watches over CTE student Patrick Shonecker of MiddleburghIn the top picture, CTE student Shelby Davenport performs push-ups under the watchful eye of New York Army National Guard Sgt. Seth Wielend.

Below left, Gabrielle Corrodore of Schoharie performs sit-ups as Davenport assists her and Sgt. Wielend looks on.

Below right, Staff Sergeant Ami Vernon and CTE student Angela Easley of CRCS have a heart-to-heart talk and to the far right Patrick Schoenecker from Middleburgh does push-ups for Vernon.


Students perform situps  Sgt. Ami Vernon and CTE student Angela Easley of CRCS have a heart to heart talks.




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