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Capital Region Career & Technical School

Careers Without Limits: Benefits of Career & Technical Education


Going high-tech, green and clean

Career and Technical Education helps students make the connection between learning and the real world, helping them answer three key questions: What am I learning? Why am I learning it? How am I going to use it?

At the Capital Region BO CES Career & Technical School, students of all ages become engaged, lifelong learners prepared for success in career, college and life. Our world is changing and so, too, are we. Around the globe and right here at home, advances in technology are driving economic growth and shaping 21st century careers.

At the same time, our concern for the environment and development of alternative energy sources are changing everything from the way we build homes and run businesses, to the vehicles we drive and the food we eat. Going green is no mere trend.

Construction of one of the worlds most advanced computer chip fabrication plants in Saratoga County is drawing international attention to our area. The Capital District has transformed into Tech Valley, and our school is answering the demand for highly educated and experienced professionals.

Career & Tech students learn using the latest equipment and technology, whether they are:
  • Designing computer networks
  • Programming an orbital welder to join clean room piping
  • Tuning a clean-burning diesel engine
  • Integrating solar panels into an HVAC or electrical system
  • Studying energy conservation and green construction
  • Learning about the latest hybrid vehicle technology; or
  • Studying advances in medicine and patient care.
Academics become enjoyable when students learn them in the context of something they enjoy.

For example, juniors studying science as part of their career and technical courses focus on green topics such as the electrical draw of tools and uses of alternative energy. Alternative Education environmental earth science students study energy generation and conservation, including wind, solar and hydropower, and lighting.

Career & Tech is an exciting place to learn.

Our teachers are experts in their career fields and innovative educators who challenge students by going beyond traditional lecture to tap into their learning styles. Indeed, Career & Tech is best known for hands-on learning. Our students use all of their senses to explore all kinds of knowledge and skills, from trade and technical, to academic and professional, to interpersonal and social. Project-based learning gives them real problems to solve, and extensive partnerships with business and industry give them real customers to serve. Our growing Adult & Continuing Education program provides equally rewarding opportunities for adult learners to advance their academic and career skills.

Career & Tech exposes you to a world of career and educational opportunities.

We offer students of all ages careers without limits and a great place to learn what they want to learn.


Career & Tech vs. traditional school settings - whats in it for me?

What sets Career & Tech apart?

The Capital Region BOCES Career & Technical School is a great place to learn, build experience and explore a career before entering college, technical school or the workforce. Here are just a few ways Career & Tech differs from a traditional high school education:

Connecting academics to real-world success

The Capital Region Career & Technical School allows students to immerse themselves in a trade or profession, spending a half-day or more learning hands-on and gaining real-world experience. Our classrooms and labs are equipped with the latest technology. Students learn from New York State-certified teachers who are seasoned professionals in their career field or trade. A team of academic teachers also are on hand to help students build their skills in English, math and science -- all within the context of a career that interests them. In this way, Career & Tech helps students succeed in school and see the connections between academics and real-world success.

Taking the fast track to a satisfying career

The Career & Tech learning environment extends far beyond the classroom. Internships, job shadowing, community service, field trips, guest speakers, cooperative education -- all provide students with valuable experience, connections and practice in using their technical and people skills. Some classes, such as the honors-level New Visions programs, are based off-campus, in the business world. All students benefit from Career & Techs partnerships with business and industry; more than 300 local employers and educators help keep our programs in synch with the demands of the modern workplace. In this way, Career & Tech puts students on the fast track to a satisfying career.

Getting a head start on college and saving money

Career & Tech maintains articulation agreements with numerous colleges and technical schools. This means Career & Tech students can earn postsecondary credit while still in high school and enter college in advanced standing. Through the Tech Prep and AYES Auto Technician programs, students may earn college credits at reduced rates. In this way, Career & Tech allows students to get a head start on college and save money at the same time.

Understanding the value of lifelong learning.

Learning does not end at high school graduation, and a growing number of Career & Tech students are adults. Some return to school to learn a new career, such as nursing, while others are working toward GED diplomas. Career & Tech also designs training programs for employers throughout the Capital Region. Adult Education courses in English for Speakers of Other Languages benefit many new arrivals to our shores. The presence of adult learners at Career & Tech often helps high school students see more clearly what lies ahead and shows them the value of lifelong learning.

Its a fact:

More education and training mean higher earnings and greater job satisfaction. The more you learn, the more you earn. Our school offers you careers without limits and a promising future.


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