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Capital Region Career & Technical School — 2017-18 Student Handbook

Table of Contents

Page 1 — Welcome

Page 2 —Table of Contents

Page 3 — Sessions, Contact Informantion, Statements and Beliefs

Page 4 — Administrative Staff, School Nurses, Pupil Services/Career Center Personnel

Page 5 — Visitors, Phone Calls, Fees, Locks, Phyiscal Exams, Safety Glasses, Textbooks 

Page 6 — Attendance Policy and Procedures

Page 7 — Attendance Policy Exemptions, Notification, Actions and Appeal, Early Dismissal, Tardiness

Page 8 - Passes, Behavior, Code of Conduct

Page 9 — Code of Conduct: Definitions/Explanations

Page 10 — Code of Conduct: Essential Partners

Page 11 — Student Rights and Responsibilities, Dress Code

Page 12 — Student Conduct

Page 13 — Reporting Violations, Discipline of Students With Disabilities

Page 14 — Student Searches and Interrogation, Visitors and Public Conduct on School Property

Page 15 — Student Rights and Grievance Procedure,  Academic Integrity, Leaving School/Truancy, In-School Suspension, Out of School Suspension   

Page 16 — Accidents, Fire and Disasters,  Emergency Concerns, Asbestos

Page 17 — Career Center, Work Based Learning, Job Shadowing. Career Exploration

Page 18 — Articulation

Page 19 — Academics

Page 19 — Marking Periods, Progress Reports, School Not In Session Dates, Parent Conferences

Page 21 — Student Organization, Transportation

Page 22 — Student Drivers, Districts Served

Page 23 — Reporting and Investigating Harrassment/Bullying


If you need the assistance of an interpreter, need material translated into any language other than English, please call Ottavio Lo Piccolo at (518) 862-4703 and leave a voice message. Thank you.

Si usted necesita asistencia de un interprete, o necesita traducion en espanol, y otros idiomas, por favor llame a Ottavio Lo Piccolo a este tel. (518) 862-4703, y deje un mensaje de voz. Gracias.


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