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New Welder Training Opportunity for Adult Students


Adult welderThis is a new course for the 2016-17 school year that will provide additional professional opportunities for successful adult students.

A 600-hour training and certification program, the course runs concurrently with our highly successful 500-hour course; students for this course however will be expected to additionally attend sessions on Thursdays.

The program teaches the welding skills employers need: workers with the right specializations
and certifications to meet the demands of todays competitive jobs. In addition, students taking this 600-hour course also receive opportunities for internships, are taught how to properply prepare a succesful resume and are guided through job interviews techniques as they practice interview with experts in the field.

Education for both the future workforce and the advancement of skills for existing welders is an integral part of the CTE Welder Certification Program. The curriculum combines hands-on technical training, supporting classroom lessons in weld theory and online practice modules.

Modules Covered:

  • Occupational Orientation
  • Safety and Health of Welders
  • Drawing and Welding Symbol Interpretation
  • Shielded metal arc (stick) welding
  • Gas metal arc (MIG) welding
  • Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG)
  • Flux cored arc welding
  • Thermal cutting process
  • Unit 1 Oxyfuel Gas Cutting
  • Mechanized Oxyfuel Gas Cutting
  • Manual Plasma Arc Cutting
  • Manual Air Carbon Arc Cutting
  • Welding Inspection and Testing

Students also can also test for and receive OSHA certification, 2G and 3G AWS Tests and  DOT certification; learn how to properly prepare a resume .



  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or enroll in a HSE/GED program


Class schedule:

Classes meet Monday through Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. and some Thursdays starting Sept. 12.


  • $6,750. (Certification testing and textbook included with tuition; does not include personal protection equipment.) Call 518-862-4707 for additional information.

Video: View a short video of students in action

A student welds

For more information:

  • Contact the Adult Education program at (518) 862-4707.









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