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Capital Region Career & Technical School

Vocational Training & Transition

Self-confidence. Independence. Work experience. Job training. The Vocational Training & Transition program at the Albany campus provides students with the opportunity to put all of the pieces together and start building a future. Students discover their strengths, build self-esteem and gain confidence in their abilities. At the same time, they receive training with an emphasis on job-related skills, leadership and organizational skills, and decision-making skills.


Units of Study:

  • On campus, Vocational Training & Transition students learn in an environment that simulates an actual work setting. The classroom includes a campus store, office supply and copy center, bindery and lamination service, courier service, and mailing processing center.


On-campus work experiences include:

  • Basic work skill development
  • Time clock routine
  • Work values
  • Communication dos and donts


Machine operation
  • State-of-the-art copier
  • Various paper folding machines
  • Electric stapling and 3-hole punch machines
  • Heat shrinking machine
  • Book binding machine
Services for Career & Technical School staff and administration
  • Courier practices
  • Copying services
Career & Technical School campus store
  • Mercantile experiences including stocking, display and sales
  • Cash register operation
  • Pretzel machine operation
  • Convection stove operation
  • Customer service
  • Store maintenance

Extended classroom/off-campus work experience:

Established relationships within the community provide students with extensive experience working in local businesses, where they can apply skills and knowledge gained in the classroom. These businesses include:

Beverwyck Assisted Living Home
  • Clean and reset dining room
  • Fold napkins
  • Various housekeeping duties
Peter Harris
  • Unpacking and hanging clothing
  • Tagging and pricing merchandise
  • Re-pricing clothing and shoes for sales
Crossgates Mall
  • Customer service
  • Fold table tents
  • Fill directories
  • Prepare gift card envelopes
Price Chopper
  • Reshopping
  • Facing
  • Packing groceries
  • Scanning grocery items
  • Bottle return


Vocational Training & Transition is a Career Studies program for students who want to learn hands-on, at an alternative pace. These programs are designed to meet all the provisions of each students individualized educational program through providing challenging, developmentally appropriate career prep experiences. Career Studies programs have a student-teacher ratio of approximately 12:1 and are taught by teachers with substantial real-world experience in their given trade.




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