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Sterile Processing Technician  Program

Sterile guySterile processing technicians are on the front lines in the war against germs and are essential in keeping healthcare environments safe for patients. These technicians decontaminate, inspect, package and sterilize equipment and devices used in the healthcare environment. These items can range from very complex medical devices to simple hand-held surgical instrumentation, and are essential to patient care and successful patient outcomes.

Fast Facts

  • Job Projections: As much as 30 percent annual growth in new jobs through 2020, according to
  • Median U.S. Salary: According to the salary calculator, the national average salary for sterile processing technicians was $39,316.
  • Education requirements: Training in the classroom and laboratory as well as certification.


How Capital Region BOCES CTE can get you there

Sterile Processing Technicians serve a vital role in the health care industry, combatting the spread of hospital-borne illnesses, as well as diseases.

Students will learn about infection control practices, decontamination and sterilization guidelines and protocols, microbiology, anatomy, medical terminology and surgical procedures, and various material management functions.

Those who complete the course and pass certification can find employment in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, medical laboratories, birth centers and other facilities where sterilized equipment is needed.


College articulation agreements

  • Maria College



Teacher: Melvin Husband (Learn more about Melvin following the link)

Integration teachers: Joanne Clegg (Science)(Learn more about Joanne by following the link)

Guidance couselor: Mary Lou Hamel (email Mary Lou)







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