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Capital Region Career & Technical School

Game Design and Implementation

Gaming studentsGaming Design and Implementation is a two-year program for students interested in the creative worlds of video game design, 3-D modeling, and computer programming.

Fast Facts

Information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Job Projections: 10 percent annual growth in new jobs through 2026
  • Median U.S. Salary: $65,300 per year (in 2016)
  • Education requirements: Most multimedia artists and animators need a bachelor's degree in computer graphics, art, or a related field to develop a strong portfolio of work and learn the strong technical skills that many employers prefer.


How Capital Region BOCES CTE can get you there

Students learn the history of games from ancient times to present. They create board games, card games, and dice games while learning the fundamentals of Game Design. Then students create digital games using Game Maker software, Game Salad, and Unity.

Game desgin studentStudents also explore various art concepts during the first year and 3D modeling during the second year. Finally, students will design their own video games in groups as well as create a virtual video game design company.

Click here for units of study.


College credits offered through

  • To be determined.



Teachers: Heather Bigelow and Daryl Nunn (Learn more about them by following the links).

Integration teachers: Richard Clark (Math) and Ken Bevan (English). (Learn more about them by following the links).

Guidance couselor: Mary Lou Hamel (email Mary Lou)






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