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Capital Region Career & Technical School

STEM@SUNY Polytechnic Institute


STEM studentsSTEM@SUNY Polytnechnic Institute is a full-year academic program that provides students with a unique senior year experience to explore career options in emerging technologies that will change the world.

The STEM@SUNY Polytnechnic Institute program is housed at the Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering in Albany at the Tech Valley High School building. It utilizes a highly effective program model that is used by New Visions programs throughout New York state.

High school seniors participate in a rich program of project-based instruction, early college and hands-on learning in various advanced manufacturing and research settings. Students enroll in college courses each semester and fulfill 12th grade English and Social Studies requirements for graduation.

The goal is for each student to be exposed to a variety of careers in the emerging technologies and be encouraged to pursue careers in these fields after high school. Students will interact with professionals in science and technology on the SUNY Polytnechnic Institute campus.

Students will be expected to return to their high schools and take a minimum of one course.

STEM CNSE 2For more information, call Jeannine Moran at Capital Region BOCES at 518-862-4816.


Because enrollment is limited to 15 seniors, successful applicants will complete a competitive application process and meet the following
prerequisites in order to be considered for the program:

  • 85 or better GPA
  • Completed or enrolled in Algebra II /Trig or Intermediate Algebra
  • Completed or enrolled in Chemistry


Qualities of successful applicant include:

  •  Motivation and ability to complete college level coursework.
  •  Ability to interact with adults in a professional setting.
  •  An open mind and an eagerness to learn
  •  Good time management and self direction


Program elements:

  • Four high school credits total
  • Participation In Government, Economics and English 12
  • Science instruction focused on problem solving through Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • College Courses
  • Visits, tours and talks with scientists and professionals on the CNSE campus and other locations.
  • Students are required to take a class back at their home school


College credits through the Univerity in High School program:

  • Nanotechnology - 3 credits through SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  • Physics - 8 credits through the University at Albany
  • Digital electronics - 4 credits through Hudson Valley Community College


Application Procedure:

  • Interested students must complete and mail back an application and complete an interview process during their junior year. Click below to download the application, which is in PDF format.


The Application  is available here.



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