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Capital Region Career & Technical School

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

Mechanical studentThe Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) program provides the students with knowledge to prepare them for entry-level technician positions in the automotive industry.

Fast Facts (Automotive Repair)

Information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Job Projections: 6 percent annual growth in new jobs through 2022.
  • Median U.S. Salary: $32,640 per year.
  • Education requirements: A high school diploma or the equivalent.


How Capital Region BOCES CTE can get you there

MLR is a 540-hour, one-year program, offered as an alternative to the two-year Automotive Service Technology (AST) program. Students enrolled in MLR will study the same areas as those in AST, but don't go as deeply into the concepts and theory.

In the MLR program, CTE faculty provide a level of training that meets industry needs.

Students completing the MLR program will earn an ASE Student Certification which is recognized nationally in the industry. Integration can be given based on student/home school needs.

This program is targeted for seniors who could not attend a two-year AST program, but are interested in solid automotive repair fundamentals so they can further their education at the college level.

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Teacher: John Kuscsik (Learn more about John)

Guidance couselor: Nina Farrell (email Nina)




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