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Adult Practical Nursing Test of Essential Academic Skills Sample Test    


This is a multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge:

  •  Reading 28% - Paragraph/Passage Comprehension (Read a given text and answer related questions) and Informational Source Comprehension (questions will relate to a graphic or statement provided)
  • Mathematics 20% - Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Data Interpretation, Algebraic Applications (Calculators may not be used for the test)
  •  Science 32% - Scientific Reasoning, Human Body Science, Life Science, Earth and Physical Science
  •  English and Language Usage 20% - Grammar and Word Meanings, Spelling and Punctuation, Sentence Structure

The objectives assessed on the TEAS exam are those which nurse educators deemed most appropriate and relevant to measure entry level skills and abilities of nursing program applicants. Composite scores, as well as several sub-scores, are computed in each of the four content areas to assess specific content comprehension.

Time Limit is 209 minutes. Allow four hours for the entire test.

There are 170 total questions (including 20 unscored pretest items).


Section 1 – READING: Paragraph and Passage Comprehension

1. A blogger has just tried a new allergy medication called Allergone, and is reviewing it based on his personal experiences.
Identify which statement(s) contain only facts, without a trace of the blogger’s opinions.
A) Last year, Pharmaceutical Insider magazine reported that Allergone faced a bumpy approval process. However, Allergone got approval in March and hit the shelves in early May.
B) Allergone comes in three different dosages. The pill that is 10 milligrams is yellow and is the lowest available dose. The pill that is 20 milligrams is white and works best for most people. The pill that is 30 milligrams is pale pink and is too strong for most patients.
C) Considering all the other excellent allergy medications on the market, Allergone will struggle to find an audience.
D) Allergone is produced by a reputable, high-quality medication manufacturer in Iceland.

Section 1 – READING: Informational Source Comprehension

2. Read the following sentence. Then, answer the question.

The sale of the house is likely to proceed, as the buyer has already paid $10,000 in earnest. Based on the context above, which of the following definitions of the underlined word applies?
A) seriousness of intention
B) a token or a pledge to pay the remainder at a later date
C) a display of emotion

Section 2 – MATHEMATICS: Numbers and Operations

3. A population decreases from 404 million to 288 million. Which of the following is the percent decrease of the population? (Round the solution to the nearest tenth of a percent.)
A) 2.9%
B) 3.5%
C) 28.7%
D) 71.3%

Section 2 – MATHEMATICS: Measurement

4. If a person weighs about 220 pounds, which of the following is the person’s approximate weight in metric measurement? (Note: 2.2 pounds is about 1 kilogram.)
A) 2.2 grams
B) 100 grams
C) 100 kilograms
D) 440 kilograms

Section 2 – MATHEMATICS: Data Interpretation

5. As the seasons change, the temperature outside changes.
Which of the following is the dependent variable in the event described above?
A) Temperature
B) Season of the Year
C) Winter
D) Summer

Section 2 – MATHEMATICS: Algebraic Applications

6. 2 (x + 1) = 3x - 1
A) x = 3/5
B) x = 2
C) x = 3
D) x = 8

Section 3 – SCIENCE: Scientific Reasoning

7. In a medication study, population A is given the medication, and population B is given a placebo. Which of the
following describes population B?
A) Control group
B) Treatment group
C) Dependent variable
D) Independent variable

Section 3 – SCIENCE: Human Body Science

8. What kind of immunity is produced by a vaccine?
A) Naturally acquired passive immunity
B) Artificially acquired passive immunity
C) Naturally acquired active immunity
D) Artificially acquired active immunity

Section 3 – SCIENCE: Life Science

9. Which of the following types of bonds is primarily responsible for base paring in complimentary strands of DNA?
A) Ionic
B) Covalent
C) Dative
D) Hydrogen

Section 3 – SCIENCE: Earth and Physical Science

10. A harmful example of a catalytic reaction involves the breakdown of ozone by the use of _______.
A) fluorine ions
B) chlorine ions
C) magnesium dioxide
D) rhodium

Section 4 - ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE USAGE: Grammar and Word Meaning in Context

11. Which of the following sentences contains an example of correct subject-verb agreement?
A) My sister or my brother is picking me up from school today
B) Neither my mom nor I are attending the concert.
C) Mary and Tom is arriving around 5 o’clock this evening.
D) Each of the girls play the piano well.
Section 4 - ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE USAGE: Sentence Structure

12. Which of the following is an example of a simple sentence?
A) The man wandering into the store.
B) The man in the green overalls with the steel-toed boots wandered into the upscale department store.
C) The man in the green overalls with the steel-toed boots wandering into the upscale department store.
D) The man in the green overalls with the steel-toed boots wandered into the upscale department store as if he felt
perfectly at home there.

Section 4 - ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE USAGE: Spelling and Punctuation

13. The puppy has lost _______ way home, and _______ getting dark.
A) its; its
B) it’s; it’s
C) it’s; its
D) its; it’s

Answers: 1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. A, 8. D, 9. D, 10. B, 11. A, 12. B, 13. D


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